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05 June 2007 @ 07:58 pm
Teaser Gift for soundslikej by emmademarais  
soundslikej, we're so terribly sorry that your Joy-a-thon gifts have come so late. But it's not the fault of your current pinchhitter, who stepped in to see you didn't leave the ficathon disappointed. Here's the first of your gifts. Enjoy!

Title: Table for Two, Turning
Author: emmademarais
Pairing/Characters: Audrey/undisclosed
Rating/Category: PG
Spoilers: Season 1
Summary: Audrey accepts an invitation to have coffee and plans for more
Warnings: None

"I don't normally do this sort of thing..." Audrey pushed an errant strand of blond hair back behind her ear and smiled. "But I was so flattered by your gift. I guess I figured since it was all over it couldn't hurt to agree to meet a former informant for a cup of coffee."

The man across from her smiled, a hint of Cheshire cat in his otherwise friendly demeanor.

"I was just sorry to hear about what happened," he said, a bit overly sympathetic. "That must have been a pretty bad accident if Ted Sprague died."

Audrey leaned across the table and whispered conspiratorially. "It wasn't an accident." She paused and then pulled back. "But that's all I can tell you as a civilian."

"Of course."

"So, Mr. Mendez..."

"Call me Isaac."

Audrey ducked her head down and flashed him a shy smile. "Okay, Isaac... Your painting was really remarkable. I can't believe you painted me after just meeting me once."

"Let's just say I've been seeing a lot of you when I close my eyes," he crooned seductively. "It made it easy to paint you. I hoped you would like it."

"I do," Audrey said enthusiastically. "I'm just blown away that you would paint a perfect stranger then offer them the painting as a gift."

He moved his hand to cover hers. "Well then, let's work on not being strangers."

Audrey moved her chair closer to his. "I feel like I know you already," she said quietly, looking into his eyes. "Like I've been looking for you a long time." She brought her hand out from under his then placed it on top.

"I guess we were destined to meet."

Audrey leaned in and put her lips to his ear. "Did fate bring us together? Did you meet me then desperately want to paint me?" She could tell her breathy voice was having an affect on him as he edged closer. "Did you think to yourself, mmm... Audrey... I just want to cut her skull open and take her brains?"

"What the..."

Audrey had the first cuff slapped on the wrist of the hand she held. "You're a sick bastard Sylar, but I have you now."

"No... No..." Sylar looked perplexed. "It's not working! Why aren't my powers working?"

Audrey glanced up at the silent black man leaning against the wall behind Sylar. "Imagine that. You, powerless." She closed the cuffs around his other wrist then leaned down to look him in the eye. "Get used to it."

"No! I need my powers!" Sylar screamed. "Give me back my powers!"

"Take him in," Audrey ordered the two agents who came to take custody. She nodded to the Haitian and the man in horn-rimmed glasses and they followed the agents out.


"We got him," Audrey said quietly. "And it was all because of you. You and your friends."

She smoothed Matt's hair back gently as the whir and beeps of life support machines stood in for the response she knew she wouldn't get.

mocking Jai: cleaduvallsoundslikej on June 14th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
Oh Matt!! So sad!

Thank you so much for this! There really isn't enough Audrey fic in the world. ♥
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on June 14th, 2007 02:42 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you like it!

I have been keeping an eye on Clea for years and was thrilled to see her get a recurring role on Heroes. I hope she comes back in Season 2.

I enjoyed making her a smart in control woman who got the best of the big bad villain. Hehehe

Thanks for asking for Audrey!