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14 May 2007 @ 01:17 am
Pinch Hit for plumerri  
Title: A Safe Journey Home
Request: Hiro and Ando Gen
Pairing/Characters: Hiro, Ando
Rating/Category: PG
Spoilers: Genesis to The Hard Part
Summary: Ando is resigned to his fate but Hiro refuses to accept it
Warnings: None


"New York is not like I thought it would be," Ando mused quietly, staring out the window at the city. "I thought it would be very different from Tokyo."

"The signs are in English," Hiro offered helpfully. "And you can buy hot dogs and pretzels right on the street."

Ando turned to his friend and chuckled, but it came out more wistful than amused.

"You are on a mission, Hiro. I do not think we will have time to buy pretzels." He returned his gaze to the city. "Will there even be pretzels after the explosion?" he wondered aloud.

"There will be pretzels," Hiro stated with finality. "Because there will be no explosion. We will stop it."

"By killing someone?" Ando turned his attention to Hiro, examining him as if he was reassessing him. "I know you. You are not a killer. Yet Future Hiro..."

"I will find another way," Hiro interrupted, nodding his head as if making up his mind was enough to make it so. "I will get help. Peter Petrelli can help. Nathan Petrelli too." He joined Ando at the window. "We are not alone," he said reassuringly. Ando's gaze fell to the floor. "You do not believe me?" Hiro asked, frowning.

Ando paused for a moment then spoke quietly, his stoicism slipping.

"It does not matter. Not for me. I will be dead soon."

"No..." Hiro shook his head in denial.

"The painter, he drew me dead. In the future Peter Petrelli told me I died... The bomb might go off, it might not. You might stop it. You might save the world." His façade finally crumbled and the fear began to show through the cracks. "I do not think you will be able to save me."

"Do not say that." Hiro's voice was barely audible. He stood still and tense, only his face betraying the deep emotions swirling within him.

Ando pulled out the comic book page and stared at the drawing of his broken lifeless body.

"Will it hurt, you think? Not just the dying, but what comes before." He ran his fingers over the crumpled page in sympathy with his likeness. "I should say I would like to die bravely, but I think I would rather die quickly. I do not want to be afraid." The paper shook as his hands trembled. "I am already afraid," he whispered. "I do not want to die."

Unable to bear the strain any longer, Hiro launched himself at his friend, hugging him tightly.

"You cannot die! I will not let you die!" he cried.


"I will find a way! If I have to spend the rest of my life making those strings and traveling back in time to fix the past I will save you!"

"But Hiro, you die too... We saw it."

"No! I will change that too. I will wear a bullet proof vest every day if I have to." He pulled back, holding Ando by his shoulders and looking at him solemnly. "I did not bring you here to die. I will make sure you have a safe journey home to Japan. You will live a long life and have many grandchildren."

A smile broke through the sadness on Ando's face. "If Kimiko gives me a chance maybe my children and grandchildren will be superheros too."

"Oh..." Hiro's face lit up as the implications sunk in. "Flying man has young sons. I wonder if he will have to teach them to fly when they grow up."

"He will make them wait until they are old enough for their pilot's license," Ando joked.

Hiro's face erupted into a goofy grin.

"Maybe I will scold my children for time traveling before dinner."

"Or for teleporting to the dinner table late."

They both laughed, the sound radiating out to fill up the once still and somber room.

Hiro smiled at Ando, his genuine love for his friend visible on his face.

"Do not worry, Ando-kun. I have enough power to save the world. I have enough power to save you too."

"Do you have enough power to get me a date with Kimiko?" Ando teased.

Hiro looked smug.

"Of course. I am a hero."

Meredith: made of wingladdecease on May 14th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Pilot's license. ♥

And the Ando-Kimiko. That's just fun.

Fantastic job!
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on May 24th, 2007 07:34 am (UTC)
Thanks! That even kind of made me laugh and I wrote it! It came with a great visual of Simon and Monty zooming around the mansion over their parents' heads as Nathan yells "Oh for crying out loud! Boys! Stop that!" LOL!

I adore Kimiko and even though I know Ando doesn't stand a chance in Hell with her his crush on her is just so sweet.

Glad you liked it!