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13 May 2007 @ 11:20 am
Teaser gift for plumerri  
Your Pinch Hitter wanted you to get the full experience so here's a teaser Gift for plumerri!

Title: Driving Test
Pairing/Characters: Hiro, Ando
Rating/Category: G
Spoilers: Genesis, Don't Look Back, One Giant Leap
Summary: Hiro asks Ando to teach him to drive on their journey
Warnings: None

"Let me try."


"You are a good teacher, Ando-kun. You can show me how."


"It is a long way for you to drive without help."

That gave Ando pause. They were on a stretch of empty road in the
middle of nowhere and they did have a very long way to go.

"Okay. We try. Once," he warned, scowling. "Do not ask me again. Promise."

"I promise" Hiro agreed, nodding enthusiastically.

Ando shook his head as if he knew he was going to regret this.

He pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the ignition,
muttering under his breath.

Hiro bounded out of the car and got behind the wheel as Ando sat in
the passenger seat.

Ando patiently showed him all the controls, going over each one twice,
waiting albeit a bit exasperated as Hiro enjoyed cleaning the
windshield a bit too much.

"Now you will try driving. Put your foot on the brake, shift into
drive and let go of the brake. Be ready to put your foot on the brake
again right away."

Hiro nodded and did as he was told, grinning madly as he put the car
in to gear. "Vroom, vroom!" he cried, delighted. The car rolled
forward slowly on the dirt alongside the pavement.

"Good. Now you can put your foot on the gas and steer us up onto the road."


Hiro put his foot on the gas with the same pressure he had applied to the brake.

Gravel flew out behind their squealing tires as the little blue car
rocketed forward.

Hiro spun the wheel to the left, jumping the car up onto the roadway
and almost immediately crossing the center line.


Hiro spun the wheel hard to the right and slammed on the brakes.

The car came to an abrupt standstill half on and half off the road.

Ando quickly reached over and snapped off the ignition, slamming the
car into park.

"Sorry," Hiro said meekly.

A car came up behind them and slowed as it had to drive on the wrong
side of the road to pass them.

"Learn to drive!" the man in the car yelled out as he went by.

Ando got out of the car and walked around to the other side.

He held the driver side door open. Hiro slunk out and got back in the
passenger side.

Ando started the car back up, righted it on the roadway and
accelerated back up to touring speed without a word.

"I guess you will have to drive all the way yourself," Hiro said sadly.

Ando glanced over, annoyed and ready to give his friend a piece of his mind.

Hiro looked so forlorn though. He really had just wanted to help -
feeling guilty for making his friend do all the unpleasant work of
driving long distance.

"It's okay," Ando said, trying to sound cheerful. "You are a hero.
Your job is to go to New York and save the world. My job is to make
sure you get there."

Hiro perked up. "We are a team," he stated.

Ando checked the speedometer, his mirrors and the road ahead.

"Yes, we are."
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